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Why choose spray foam insulation

Homeowners are constantly searching for ways to offset rising energy costs.  Architects, builders and contractors are aware of this and continue to work tirelessly to help homeowners achieve this goal. Traditionally, in meeting residential, commercial, industrial, and agricultural insulation needs, consumers relied upon the use of fiberglass, as it was the industry standard for many years.

Fiberglass however, is no longer considered to be the most cost-effective insulation material available. Spray polyurethane foam insulation, is a more energy efficient, eco-friendly, and innovative industry technology.

Spray polyurethane foam is a spray-applied plastic that can form a continuous insulation and air barrier on walls, roofs, around corners and other surfaces. Spray Polyurethane Foam insulation is known to resist heat transfer and offers a highly effective solution for reducing unwanted air leaks and heat loss..

Spray Polyurethane Foam is fully self-adhered to the substrate which makes buildings much stronger and much stiffer. SPF allows for no air space between the insulating material and the substrate, no joints, no glue, no mechanical fasteners and no convection air movement.

As much as 40% of a building’s energy is lost due to air infiltration. Gaps, holes and air leaks can make energy bills unnecessarily high. SPF acts as both insulation and an air barrier, closing gaps that let air escape and increasing your monthly energy costs.

Some common spots for air leaks that can be sealed with spray foam include the area behind knee walls, attic hatches, wiring holes, plumbing vents, open soffits, recessed lights, furnace flue or duct chaseways, basement rim joists, windows and doors.

We have included several articles, which should assist you in your efforts to decide why Spray Polyurethane Foam Insulation is the right solution for your job. Please see the Why Choose Foam folder on our Downlands & Brochures > Public Library page.

Heatlok Soya Spray Foam Insulation is rigid, closed cell polyurethane spray foam insulation that offers superior performance, versatility and value

POLARFOAM PF-7300-0 SOYA, is an environmentally friendly, high performance, closed cell rigid polyurethane foam used for insulation, and is spray applied exclusively by certified applicators

SEALECTION 500 is one of the premier semi-rigid, open-cell, environmentally friendly spray foam insulation in Canada today.